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SLALOM + ANKLE BOOTS 2020 T 28 RED 158,85  150,91  IVA Incluído

The Slalom + race boots are inspired by the popular Sparco Slalom. The boots are available with a full suede or suede upper with contrasting fabric inserts to increase breathability and aid comfort. These options are smaller sizes specifically for boys. Ideal for Ninja karts or other junior racing series that require an approved fire retardant boot. Based on the best-selling racing boot Kid's sizes Suede or suede / fabric options Breathable, anti-perspiration lining to keep you comfortable for longer. Natural rubber outsole for a great riding feel on the pedals The Slalom + has a new insole to improve comfort and fit. The flame retardant lining is breathable and has antiperspirant properties to REDUCE perspiration and keep you comfortable for longer. The heel and toes have scuff-resistant reinforcements to protect the foot and help prevent the boots from wearing out. An asymmetric closure of fine laces provides a precise and secure fit. Boot Options: All Suede Colors: Black, Red, Blue Suede / Fabric Colors: Black / Black, Blue / Black, Red / Black FIA 8856-2018 and SFI3.3 / 5 approved

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